North side Diamond polishing tools was started in 2017 by Bryan and Rochelle Lyle, the previous owners of Norsid Engineering South Africa.

Norsid Engineering was founded in the late 1960’s and was the company that built the Van Zwan Bench.  Bryan Lyle purchased Norsid in 1987 and with his team they expanded the business and made everything from press pots to complete benches and scaifes.  Due to the closing of the melee factories and general downturn in the industry in the 1990’s, Norsid scaled down its operations and in 1994 they opened a “shop” for counter sales.

The Lyles sold Norsid South Africa in 2012 and moved to Botswana.   On returning to South Africa they opened North Side and have continued to set up diamond factories, service and supply diamond factories, dealers, jewellers, gemmologists and tools for the entire jewellery, diamond and gemstone market in South Africa.