Laboratory-grown and Treated Diamond Reports

We are fully equipped and qualified to detect all types of laboratory-grown, colour treated and Clarity Enhanced Diamonds.

  • Laboratory-grown Diamond Report – The Laboratory-grown Diamond Report is designed for all Diamonds that have been grown in a laboratory (also known as “Synthetic”). It specifies the type of growth method – HPHT or CVD – The report is yellow in colour to distinguish it from the Natural Diamond Reports.
  • Treated Diamond Certificate – The Treated Diamond Report is designed for  both colour and clarity treated Diamonds – such as HPHT treated, Irradiated, Glass-filled and/or Laser-drilled Diamonds. The report is grey in colour to distinguish it from the Natural Diamond Reports.
  • Laboratory-grown Diamond Check (No Report).
  • Proportion Reports – Measurements for the the Diamonds.
  • Re-Issues of Reports – If you require a replacement copy of your Treated or Laboratory-grown Report.
  • Relooks on Colour and Clarity.
  • Boiling of Diamonds.
  • Polish & Symmetry Checks.
  • Repairs – If your Laboratory-grown or Treated Diamond can be repaired for a better clarity, polish or symmetry grade we can help with facilitating this process.
  • Same day Services – If you need a Diamond report urgently we can help at an additional cost. (Times may vary dependent on the work required).