European Gemological Laboratory
Certification of Diamond, Tanzanite and Coloured stones
Diamond Full Report
A report contains further information on the diamond. In this case, the carat weight, colour grade, clarity grade, a plotting diagram is recorded and the proportion and fluorescence information is included.
 SA NUMBER: the stone record number generated by E.G.L.

 WEIGHT: is indicated in carats which is a unit equal to 0,200g.

 CLARITY: grade indicates the presence or absence of blemishes and inclusions.

 COLOUR: the colour of a diamond is normally graded on a scale of D to Z.

 SHAPE: indicates the shape or cut of the diamond.

 CUT GRADE: overall proportion grade of the diamond.

 POLISH: a comment as to the final polish of the diamond.

 SYMMETRY: a comment as to the final symmetry of the diamond.

 FLUORESCENCE: a comment as to the fluorescence of the diamond.

 COMMENTS: any additional comments or information relating to the diamond
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