European Gemological Laboratory and College of Gemology
Certification of Diamond, Tanzanite and Coloured stones
Diamond Mini Report
A report contains less information than a full certificate. In this case only the shape,carat weight, colour grade, clarity grade and a plotting diagram is recorded. The pricing of polished diamonds is primarily a function of weight, colour and clarity with allowance made for the make and finish. Jewellers make use of the information on the report to set the selling price of the diamond.
 SA NUMBER: the stone record number generated by E.G.L.

 SHAPE: indicates the shape or cut of the diamond.

 WEIGHT: is indicated in carats which is a unit equal to 0,200g.

 CLARITY: grade indicates the presence or absence of blemishes and inclusions.

 COLOUR: the colour of a diamond is normally graded on a scale of D to Z.

 COMMENTS: any additional comments or information relating to the diamond.
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