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  EGL had been offering diamond-grading courses since 1983. Due to the high demand for training in the diamond sector, EGL made the decision to formally establish the EGL College of Gemology to provide training for the public, jewellers and their sales staff.

Courses currently offered:
  • Diamonds and Diamond Grading
  • Polished Diamonds for the Retail Jeweller
  • Introduction to Tanzanite
  • Essentials of Coloured Stones
Diamonds and Diamond Grading
This correspondence course takes place over a maximum of six months and includes nine Theoretical study blocks as well as a five-day practical training module.

This course aims to give students a comprehensive background and knowledge of diamonds and diamond grading, from formation through to the pricing of the polished gem, with an emphasis on the practical grading of colour, purity and proportions using the laboratory equipment.

The theoretical course modules are as follows:
  • Diamond crystallography and formation
  • Mining
  • De Beers and the DTC
  • Famous diamonds and people
  • History and stages of diamond polishing
  • Tools of the trade
  • Grading and identification (including proportion, colour, plotting and clarity grading; weight estimates; and finish analysis)
  • Diamond simulants and fracture filling
  • Pricing of polished gems (using the Rappaport price list)
Students that complete the course, passing both the theoretical and practical examinations with a minimum mark of 80%, will receive an EGL Diploma for Diamonds and Diamond Grading.
Polished Diamonds for the Retail Jeweller
This two-day course consists of seven sections:

Formation of diamonds, diamond crystallography, physical and optical properties, De Beers and the DTC, famous diamonds Diamond polishing history overview, facets of round brilliant cut diamonds, stages of polishing a round brilliant cut, fancy-shaped diamonds Tools required by professional jewellers, use of a loupe when examining polished diamonds Clarity, the importance of plotting, clarity comments and symbols Colour, colour components Finish and symmetry, simulants, weight estimation, fracture filling and colour Enhancement Reading consultations and certificates
Introduction to Tanzanite
This half-day course (8am to 1pm) aims to give students a comprehensive background, knowledge and understanding of tanzanite and its common simulants. Topics covered include the sourcing of tanzanite, legend and lore surrounding the stone, physical properties, colour, clarity, finish, imitations, basic use of gem testing equipment and how to care for tanzanite.
Essentials of Coloured Stones
This one- or two-day course (covering either 9 or 18 common gemstones) aims to give students background knowledge and understanding of the most popular gemstones and their properties, common simulants and synthetics.

Topics covered include general information on the gemstones, legend and lore, history, location, physical properties, durability and synthetics and simulants.

Students will receive a course manual, which must be studied prior to attending the course, as they will be evaluated on their understanding of the subjects covered. A certificate will be issued to students that attend the course and successfully complete final evaluation.

We can train in centres throughout South Africa and the SADIC regions. We also do on-site training. Please talk to us about your specific requirements and negotiated fees for group training.
Course Johannesburg (Price excl. VAT) Other Centers
Diamonds and Diamond Grading** R 13,100 POA
Polished Diamonds for the Retail Jeweller** R 7,000 POA
Introduction to Tanzanite** R 1,850 POA
Essentials of Coloured Stones ** R 3,500 (one-day) or
R 7,000 (two-day)
A discount for group training of more than five students may be negotiated. **80% of the full course fee must be paid in order to receive the manual and the final 20% must be paid before the commencement of the practical section of the course.
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