European Gemological Laboratory and College of Gemology
Certification of Diamond, Tanzanite and Coloured stones
About E.G.L. South Africa
The opening of E.G.L. in August 1980 gave the polished diamond industry a choice of laboratories in South Africa. The acceptance of it's credentials and the grading standards of E.G.L. by the factories and dealers world-wide allowed the company to very quickly become a major supplier of grading services to the industry here in South Africa. Most of the diamonds and tanzanite graded by E.G.L. South Africa are either exported or sold to tourists with the confidence that the grading given will meet the standards
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E.G.L. College of Gemology
EGL had been offering diamond-grading courses since 1983. Due to the high demand for training in the diamond sector, EGL made the decision to formally establish the EGL College of Gemology...
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Verification Services
Online certificate and report verification by buyers is a reality and an important component in the buying process. For a buyer to be able to quickly and effortlessly verify the authenticity of a certificate or report adds to the credibility of the laboratory issuing the report and in many instances speeds up the sales process.

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